talentguru (www.talentguru.org) is a FREE skills focused Career Development Platform. This platform aims to help IT students, job seekers, and employers find the right talent and fit by leveraging on big data and its AI engine. The platform is meant to benefit both IT and non-IT industries and supports internship activities with the IHLs. Some of these activities include outreach to employers pertaining to career fairs, student projects, etc, and also mentoring opportunities.

The 4 elements of the platform are:

  • Skills-based Career
  • Certification
  • Mentorship
  • Community - Career fairs, IHL Engagement events etc.

The focus of talentguru:-
Are for students, job seekers, mid-career switchers or individuals to:
  1. Identify the skills gap when applying for jobs
  2. View pathways for the career based on the jobs they apply
  3. Online learning, IHL course modules to job seekers, students
  4. Attain certifications to upgrade their skills
for employers:
  1. Search and view candidate's skill certification
  2. Push job postings, internships to IHL's student career development portal
for community:
  1. career fairs to employers and job seekers
  2. workshops, training courses to employers
  3. mentoring network to link mentors to mentees