Simple Solution Systems 

Anurax Lian, Solution Architect from Simple Solution Systems on the value from being a SITF member:
SiTF has given us great exposure to the IT community within Singapore and overseas. From the local perspective we get to meet up with fellow IT community members whom we can leverage and collaborate to form extensive partnerships and extend our capabilities. SiTF has also given us exposure to Government related events and allowed us to work closely with the Government to help improve the IT Community.

At SiTF we have been introduced to like-minded IT companies with whom we can collaborate to extend our products and services and provide complete solution packages to our customers that are beyond our scope of services. This provides a win-win solution for our partners, our customers and us. We are also introduced to new technologies by other members where as an SME we would not have been able to achieve on our own.

SiTF has also provided us with overseas exposure which allowed us to explore various opportunities from sales to manpower or operation and research as well as have a better understanding of the different markets out there. Giving us a better insight on where we can expand overseas.

The various SiTF events have also given us exposure to new Government initiatives as well as have a better understanding on Government policies as well as providing us with a platform to share our perspectives from the ground level to the various Government related agencies.

Overall being an SiTF member has been very beneficial to our company from various aspects such as administration, operation, business opportunities and more. And to top it all, SiTF has a great team to support us.

About Simple Solution Systems

Simple Solution Systems or SIMSYS as we call ourselves is an IT Solutions Provider and System Integrator seeking to find new and innovative solutions for our customers' IT needs. We specialize in Design, Software System Solutions and System Infrastructure Setups over wide range of Environments from Small Business Systems to Enterprise Class N-Tier Architecture Environments

The “value add” in choosing SIMSYS is the rich experience in delivering on time quality Internet Projects to our clients. SIMSYS has designed, developed and delivered over 100 projects ranging from Technically Complex Solutions with Interfaces to a wide range of systems (Government and Private Sector), to Content and Document Intense Projects using our Enterprise Web Content Management Systems, Document Management systems and Enterprise Resource Management Solutions along with Mobile Solutions.

Today’s IT solutions are not only complex and far from user friendly, they are generally created with the principle of the user needing to know the system, rather than the system being tailored to the user. Design refers to how an IT solution is laid out in a usable and friendly way. It is important to recognize how users navigate through applications so as to tune to the user experience.

Many of today’s IT solutions are designed in a System-Centric fashion whereby developed systems require the users to understand proprietary complexities, rather than being based on User-Centric designs. We strongly believe that an IT solution’s success hinges on your ability to use it – a system’s design must understand the requirements of users

Our emphasis is in the quality of the design solutions for our clients (from knowledge and information perspectives to graphical interfaces) using Target Audience Centric principles. Our team also ensures that our solutions meet the most stringent performance and security requirements to provide the most optimized and secured solutions.

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