Wall of Sport

As a startup member, Wall of Sport CEO Tadeusz (Ted) Jankowski  said his company has benefited through the iJAM program. This provided Wall of Sport with 50KSGD worth of funding mainly used for technology development. Additional benefits have been the many networking events such as productivity policy meet ups and meeting with other members, SMEs and government representatives.

About Wall of Sport

Wall of Sport is aspiring to be the leading provider of online sports engagement services for consumers, broadcasters and media groups. For each sports event we promise Social Sports Insight, consisting of relevant Social user generated media content, live Sports stats and Insight by showing the live market odds with our own predictions and highlighting Value Predictions (if any) for every game! Excitingly, coming soon, a virtual currency gamification play with leader boarding for both B2B & B2C customers. We have validated and generated revenue with our B2B business model and signed deals for our B2B2C revenue model.


For more information, please visit: wallofsport.com ; B2B API product: wallofsport.com/developers

Checkout Euro2016: wallofsport.com/euro2016