Overseers of ICT Standards in Singapore


In our effort to understand the rising need for Standards in the ICT industry, we look at two organisations that set and oversee Standards in Singapore.



SPRING Singapore

SPRING Singapore is the national standards body of Singapore. It manages the National Standardisation Programme under the guidance of an industry-led Singapore Standards Council. Its goal is to develop and promote the adoption of local and international standards amongst businesses. Members of the Standards Council are drawn from both the public and private sectors. SPRING also provides a collection of Standards, References and other resources to aid standard development processes.


IT Standards Committee (ITSC)

The IT Standards Committee is one of 12 Standards Committees set up on Singapore to develop, maintain, promote and facilitate the implementation of Singapore standards to support industry growth and national initiatives.


The ITSC was started in 1990 and is an industry-led effort, supported by SPRING Singapore and IMDA (previously IDA), chartered to drive and lead standardization activities in the infocomm community in Singapore and represents the nation in the international standardization forums. The ITSC allows interested industry and government parties to mutually agree on technical standards via a neutral and open platform.

Under the ITSC, various Technical Committees and Working Groups actively monitor and participate in the development and review of international standards that are relevant to Singapore, including those pertaining to new technologies and in emerging industries. These committees help companies adopt best practices to improve interoperability, cross-compatibility and IT integration.

The Standards Committees plays a key role in promoting Singapore’s participation in the development of international standards that are important to Singapore’s interest.



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Published date: 29 Mar 2017