We understand how painful it is to wait for your invoices to be paid. Payments terms as long as 90-120 days cause inevitable issues with cash flow. With InvoiceInterchange you can access your money tied up in your outstanding invoices upfront by selling them online to investors.

What makes our platform unique is the work we have done to make applying for funding and ongoing draw-downs an easy and hassle-free experience.

Companies will receive a decision within 2 business days and can receive funds in 24 hours. Pay-As-You-Go - flexibly sell your invoices as and when you need to. There are no restrictive security arrangements, no hidden fees or minimum charges.  You are given complete control unlike existing traditional sources of finance.

 At the same time, investors (high net worth individuals, investment funds, family offices) have the opportunity to invest in a new asset class i.e. trade receivables that is secured, liquid and with risk-adjusted returns.

Visit our website: http://invoiceinterchange.com/