We are a the forever customer platform (RegTech SAAS B2B). Regit offers businesses and individuals a smart, simple and compliant communication platform that aims to eliminate dirty contact data, the inconveniences of form-filling, and information burden, while providing businesses with an effective solution to comply with Singapore’s PDPA.
With Regit, individuals and businesses can maintain, share, or exchange accurate and updated information among one another with one-click convenience. This is done through sync connections called “Regit Handshakes”. When an individual is connected to a business or another individual through a handshake, any information changes that the individual makes on his Regit account will instantly be pushed out to the entities they have ‘handshaked’ with, in real time. Individuals will only have to update their information on one platform and all their synced entities will receive the information changes automatically, eliminating the need for calls, emails, or physical visits to update information changes.
Businesses and organisations can also benefit from other communication tools and features on the platform such as broadcasting digital announcements, one-click registration forms for events, targeted marketing collaterals, and a built-in analytics feature, to name a few.
Regit helps businesses and individuals keep data clean and up-to-date via digital handshakes between two parties, complying with regulations under the PDPA. Regit Handshakes also mean that customers who have ‘handshaked’ with businesses are highly targeted, making marketing efforts effective and not wasteful. In short, Regit is a simple and effective one-stop-shop for anything that has to do with information exchange, with one-click convenience while enabling the forever customer.

For more information please visit www.regit.today or email us at info@regit.today