As part of the effort to promote productivity and innovation, PartneriT is a platform for IT vendors to collaborate and establish new partnership with other vendors for their business.

An IT company can tap on to this platform to seek:
Technology partnership: identifying a partner whose solution can match and complement yours to cater for your clients’ project
Reseller/ Distribution partnership: finding a partner who can distribute your solutions, or finding new solutions to expand your portfolio
Strategic partnership: forming strategic alliance in new product development or market expansion
Any other forms of partnership that can add value to your business

How It Works? 

- Requestor fills in an online request form.
- SiTF propagates the message across our extensive database of IT vendors
- Interested vendors respond to the request
- SiTF collects the inputs, collate and send them to the requestor

All information of the requestor and respondents will be treated with necessary confidentiality.
This service is complimentary for SiTF members. For non-members who would like to submit a partnership request, there is an administrative fee of $50.
To find out more about the PartneriT service, please contact us at 6325 9700 or email .